From the foot of Mount Tamalpias in Marin County, California
comes the next generation of creative output from an artist
and designer who is young at heart,
and driven to make a difference.

Sean Ross is a design generalist whose work exists at the cross
section of art and design, concept and commerce.
Creative Direction. UX/UI. Strategy. Entrepreneurship.
The next impossible dream.

Nice to meet you.


Creative DirectionAdvertisingApplication ArtBrandingConcept       Design Strategy  • CopywritingUI/UX  • Content • Animation • Graphic Design IllustrationMarketingMobileWebPrintProductResearch   PhotographyiOS • Andriod


Muve Music 4.0

A completely re-imagined UX for a digital music service with over 2 million paid subscribers.

New Century Chamber Orchestra

New branding and web experience

Heavy Metal Tech Branding

Silicon Valley titans reinterpreted through the dirty lens of 1980’s youth culture.