MFA Graduate Work


From the early to mid 19th century, the human race has been enchanted with, perhaps even hypnotized by–our technological ability to record and play back images and sound; to create permanent record of our individual and collective experiences, distilled to pure sensorial information. Media is the name given to this ever-changing technology, which affords us a powerful mirror of ourselves and our culture.

I’m interested in bringing some of the qualities of the analog age which we seem to have lost, back into the digital age; that of materiality, physicality, tactility, intentionality, personality, permanence, and playfulness.

Playback: Case Studies and Strategies for the Reinvention of Physical Media serves as a critical analysis and critique of culture and commerce in our digitally mediated and dematerialized era, as well as a series of formal and methodological process driven investigations, exploring the re-embodiment of tactile, analog nature in parallel realms of sound and vision.

Download the entire 240+ page thesis book in printable form or enjoy it on your iPad.

Playback: Case Studies & Strategies for the Reinvention of Physical Media

Process videos for this project as well as more of my graduate design work can be found at my CCA design portfolio.

All related media files for the thesis project can be found here, excepting the Lathe Cutter LP, a collaboration with Lara Manzanares, which you can download here. There are also various links throughout the book for audio clips which you can launch directly from any pdf reader as you read the book, as they are all hyperlinked. Read more about the Lathe Cutter here